Pro Team

Meet our exceptional bridal hair and make-up team, dedicated to ensuring you and your bridal party not only look stunning but also feel absolutely beautiful, making your morning truly enchanting.


Are you a talented hair or makeup artist with a strong affinity for bridal styling, seeking freelance opportunities?

Twice annually, I welcome new artists to join my team, individuals who thrive in collaborative settings, possess bridal expertise, and have their own insurance and transportation.

In exchange, I provide a nurturing workspace, flexible scheduling, and competitive pay rates.

To apply, please email me with samples of your portfolio showcasing your skills and experience.

‘I couldn’t have asked for a better mentor than Lizzie. She’s a true inspiration and role model. From the moment I joined this team, Lizzie has always encouraged creativity and pushed us to reach new heights in the hair and makeup industry. Her passion for hair and make up is infectious.Lizzie’s leadership style is one that fosters collaboration and empowerment. She believes in the power of teamwork and ensures that each member feels valued and appreciated. Lizzie, thank you for creating a space where we can all thrive and express our creativity. Your dedication and passion are truly inspiring, and I’m forever grateful for the opportunities you’ve given us.’ – Annie / Team Artist

‘Couple of years ago, I decided to go with bridal business but I had no idea how to start. Then I saw Lizzie’s instagram and I loved her style , it was exactly what I like ,all hair styles and makeup that she creates. I messaged Lizzie and asked if I could join her team. I was really happy and excited when she agreed ,and I became a part of her team. I remember how nervous I was when I had my first wedding . But Lizzie was so kind and supportive! Now I have many weddings with Lizzie. She helped me to build my confidence and professionalism. She is not just a super professional  but a kind, caring , supportive and understanding person. I’m really happy to work with Lizzie! And I’m very proud to call her not just a colleague but a good friend!’ – Zamira / Team Artist

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